Wednesday, March 6, 2013

36 weeks!!!

I am so excited to be posting this update. I feel like we are so close, and I am so excited to meet this baby! I am constantly torn between wanting time to speed up and wanting it to slow down. I just want baby out and healthy, but at the same time I feel like I only just recently let it sink in that I'm actually pregnant, and it's just in time for me to not be pregnant much longer!

The baby is doing great, and so am I. I am at the doctor or hospital about four days a week at this point having some kind of ultrasound or check up, but that means lots of peeks at baby! I am growing steadily, but baby is growing even more! This morning at my growth scan the baby measured in at 7 lbs., 7 oz. And I'm supposed to have three or four more weeks to go?!? The twins were 7 lbs. 1 oz. at birth so I can't even comprehend the chunkiness of this child. Maybe it means he or she will make an early appearance, we'll see!

Jake and Eisley have been sick the past few days, which has been no fun at all, but it does mean they got to come with me to all my appointments. This morning was the most fun, as we really got a good peek at the baby and he or she was making the cutest kissy faces the whole time!!! The kids were giggling and making the ultrasound tech laugh, so it was pretty fun.

Yesterday the baby was breech (feet down) at my ultrasound, and the tech told me I'd better get baby to flip soon because it is getting too big to move much! I was determined to get baby to flip around! It was suggested to me that I try something called the "ironing board trick" to get baby to flip head down. I was pretty much open to anything as I really, really want to avoid a c-section, so I did some googling and found out you are supposed to prop up an ironing board on the couch, lay on it upside down for 20 minutes, and hold an ice pack on your upper tummy and a heating pad on your lower tummy. This is supposed to give baby room to move into the right spot. The baby is supposed to want to snuggle up to the heat and get away from the cold.

I told Josh at about 10 o'clock last night, "Okay babe, you're going to laugh at me, but I'm taking medical advice so just hush." He thought I was crazy, but humored me anyways. For your entertainment, I even told him to take a picture...

Go ahead and laugh! But after about ten minutes of this, I told Josh, "Oh my gosh, the baby totally just flipped!" And guess what? I was right! At my ultrasound this morning, baby was right back to head down!!! So there.

In other news, I was so blessed in the past couple of weeks to not only get a shower thrown by my co-workers, but also a surprise Baby Sprinkle by my closest friends. My work shower was so nice and I got lots of wonderful gifts for this baby! It was a joint shower thrown for me and another very pregnant co-worker, and neither of us know what we are having which I think made everyone a little mad at us haha! Even Lisa got to come as she was working that day too!

And last weekend I was so blessed to have my closest friends celebrate this little one with me. We were just supposed to be having Book Club but they surprised me with the sweetest decorations and gifts! We had such a fun time! I love these girls and can't wait for them to meet this baby! We've all waited and prayed together for a veeeeery long time. :)

I have definitely been having some panicked moments where I think about how absolutely devastating it would be to lose the baby at this point. We've finally really let things sink in. I've washed the baby clothes. We've chosen names. I am packing my hospital bag. It's real, and we are so close to baby coming that we would be stupid not to prepare for him or her at this point, but that also makes things very scary. Nothing is for sure. Nothing is guaranteed. I wish so much I could be oblivious to that fact, and be like most other largely pregnant mamas who equate their due date with having a healthy baby in their arms. I just don't. I hope...I pray...but I don't count on bringing this baby home or things going the way I want. I know how quickly everything can crumble, and that is really hard. 

But I also have no intention of wasting away the last couple of weeks I have this baby all to myself with worrying. Last night as I laid in bed, I realized how very much I will miss that alone time with the baby, feeling it move and knowing it is okay. I take this kid with me wherever I go. We are never apart! Not even for one second. Soon that won't be possible anymore, as I will be competing with quite a few anxious arms wanting to snuggle this little one! ;) It reminded me to really savor these last moments, because no matter what the outcome is, I will miss this time terribly. 

Last but certainly not least, baby pictures! Yay! I love seeing ultrasound pictures and have never had problems making them out, but I know quite a few people who tilt their head to the side and have no idea what they are looking at. I will send the pics out to friends and family and I get texts back saying, "I don't see it!"  It reminds me of poor Rachel...

So hopefully you can make these out, but no one will blame you if you can't (okay that's not true, HOW can you not see it??? It's RIGHT THERE!!!) ;)

Here is a very up close and personal picture of baby's lips and nose. If it were in color you could probably see boogers, because we are looking straight up the nostrils...

Look at those lips! Those are some big kissy lips! Can't wait to kiss them myself!!!

Here is a couple profile pictures...

And here is a cute little foot for you...

And here is the most recent picture of me and baby together...almost 36 weeks!

We're getting so close! Josh is on Spring Break for the next two weeks starting Saturday, and no pressure or anything baby, but that would just be super convenient if you came when he was off!! My guess is baby will make an appearance the day Josh goes back to work, but we can still hope!

I will keep you posted! Thank you for your continued prayers!!!


  1. Praying you can fully (mentally) enjoy these last few days/weeks! Look up and lean hard!!

  2. Thanks for the update and the baby pics! The ironing board trick does look funny, so glad it worked. Love & Prayers, Roxanne