Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bloggy Bloggerson

I am such a bad blogger! Okay, I did just have a baby (how long am I allowed to say I "just" had a baby? I think for at least a year). I have so many bloggy subjects rolling around in my head and then when I go to actually blog, I get pulled away by one of the three rugrats, or more often, I sit down at the computer and begin to type, only to realize my time would be much better spent sleeping. Or doing laundry. Or sleeping. So my poor little blog gets pushed to the back burner once again. But that's okay, with a new baby at home, the back burner is exactly where it should be!

But, I do love to write, I love to record what's going on in our family, I love to connect with other moms going through the same things I am, so I am definitely going to make more of an effort to get back into blogging! Please have patience with me, though, because I'm exhausted! ;)

I was talking with Josh about the blog and how with Jones here, we are definitely in a new place in life and aren't sure where we fit on the "adoption" spectrum. I feel God may lead us down that road again, maybe (just maybe!), but Josh feels pretty strongly that we completed our adoption journey with Ember, and that God has sent us in a new direction now. So where does that leave the blog, entitled "Our Adoption Faith Walk"? Until (and if) God leads us to consider adoption again, the things I will be blogging about will rarely have anything to do with adoption (though sometimes it will!). Is it okay if I use the blog I have now, with the followers I have now, if I want to write about parenting after loss, or breastfeeding, or simply day to day "mom" stuff?

I have a lot of readers who started following the blog because they too were on the road to adoption, or have recently experienced loss, or who are trying desperately to start a family. Would I immediately alienate those readers if my blog shifts to topics having more to do with raising young kids? I definitely have struggled with what to do about that!

What I am leaning towards now, and that may change, is starting a new blog. I never anticipated that God would end our Adoption Journey so quickly, I thought it would be something that would forever be a part of our lives (and who knows, it still might!). So when I named this blog and picked the address, I wanted to include adoption! Now that we are unsure of where our road may lead, I'm sort of wanting to pick a name and address more fitting to the family and life we have now. We'll see what happens!

Until then, though, consider this your fair warning that I blog about things that apply to me and affect me in my daily life. One year ago, that was all things adoption. Two years ago it was all things loss and grieving. is all things baby, all things mom, all things raising some babies and missing others. It is my life as a working, stay-at-home (depending on which part of the week), breastfeeding (this baby), formula feeding (the twins), co-sleeping (or swing sleeping, or anything-that-gets-my-baby-to-sleep sleeping), baby wearing, immunizing, parenting after loss, adoption passionate, Pinterest dependent, Christ-loving wife and mother of three (or six, or seven, depending on how much time you have). If that ain't your cup of tea, don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

I hope you will continue to follow our family along the road God lays before us! It is always an adventure, to say the least.

Oh my gosh, I finished a whole blog entry! It's a miracle!!! Cue the baby crying in 5...4...3...2...



  1. No matter your blog topic--it is still a Faith Walk!! Someone defined Faith as going as far as you can see, then taking the next step....Prayers, Marilyn

  2. You can also change your existing blog address in order to keep the history! Update your "About Us" and "What Led Us Here" to reflect the change in theme. I have read other bloggers being hesitant to change content due to a specific audience, but your readers have become your support group. They encouraged you through your journey with Ember and cheered you on through your pregnancy with Jones. All the topics you discussed are valuable, and keeping your blog adds your history/gives a more rounded view of who you are/why. To change your existing blog address you simply need to go to your blog dashboard, settings, basic settings. You are able to change your address and the title. Starting a new blog is so daunting! My vote is to keep this one. Its not true to your journey if we cant see the road you took to get there!