About Us

Here is a little more about our family! For a more detailed background of the journey God has walked us through, check out the "Our Family Faith Walk" tab. 

Josh and I have been together for about twelve years now! We married in 2004 in a big beautiful ceremony!

About nine months later God surprised us with a double pregnancy!! Well...surprised is putting it gently...we were shocked!!!

In 2005, our precious Jake and Eisley were born healthy and beautiful...and changed our lives forever!!!

Our "babies" are now seven years old, and are growing into amazing, wonderful little people. :)

After an incredibly long road and years of praying, God finally blessed us with our sweet Jones Nathaniel! We love him to pieces and he is quite possibly the most spoiled baby alive!!!

Here is a little more about each of us! 

Josh is a science teacher and coaches basketball, soccer, and cross country. He loves sports, running, and fantasy football. ;) He is training for his third half-marathon and also likes playing racquetball and hiking. Though it can be heartbreaking year after year, he is an avid Phoenix sports fan through and through!
Josh loves teaching Jake how to play his "old school" video games, riding his bike, and playing football and soccer! Eisley is quite the daddy's girl and can pretty much get Josh to do anything she wants...;) Jones is daddy's little buddy and I'm pretty sure if Josh had boobs, he'd never want to leave his side. ;)


Karen (that's me!) works part-time in the Child Life Department at a Children's Hospital and loves it!!! I also love reading, writing (when I have time!), and traveling (when I have money!). I love being a mama, planning birthday parties, and finding new things to do on Pinterest!!!

I think my favorite thing to do of all time is snuggle and spend time with my babies! I am one blessed mama. :)



Eisley is the kindest, sweetest girl in the whole world. She loves making people feel good and is very empathetic towards others. She can be shy at first but can talk a mile a minute when she's in the right mood! She loves babies, Taylor Swift, and everything girly. She is a lover girl and can melt away with one stern look from anyone. She also has the most beautiful big brown eyes!!! She's obsessed with her baby brother and we are all thankful she has someone to "mother" (especially Jake!).


Jake is all boy! He loves sports of any kind (especially football!), archery, fishing, and science. He can tell you more about any animal than most zookeepers, and loves to learn about God's creation! He has always been our tender-hearted boy, so sweet and lovable  Jake has made everyone I know laugh with his funny "Jake-isms" that only he could come up with! He loves to make people smile and his laugh is the best sound in the world!