Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A challenge to my readers...

Yesterday I posted a link to a fellow adoption mommy's blog and told you about a contest she is having to help raise awareness, funds, and prayer support to about 20 different families in need. They are each bringing children home from faraway countries and many are in some seriously desperate situations. To help them each get a little extra support, this blogger is holding a contest and asking that people donate at least $20 to one or more of the families she posted about, then leave a comment on her blog saying you did so. She will choose two random posters and give them each a $250 gift card to Wal-Mart!

Over the past few months, God has really given me a heart for these families and children. I am constantly reading their stories and praying for them and watching miracles unfold every day. It is pretty amazing! But my heart also breaks for families that just can't get the funds they need, and the only thing separating them from their precious babies is money. It's just not right. If a family is obedient and courageous enough to commit to adoption, to love the least of these, they should not be held back by lack of funds, especially Christian families who are supposed to have the full support of the church in helping orphans. And they should certainly have more prayer partners than they can count.

Now, according to my fancy blog tracker thingamajig, I average about 200 readers a day give or take a few. I would like to challenge you guys to go visit No Greater Joy Mom's blog and click on a few of those precious baby's faces! See if God doesn't soften your heart towards these families and ask you to give a little to one or more of them. Maybe along with your gift, you could commit to faithfully praying for one special family, start following their story, and see what God does over the next few months! Just think what would happen if 200 of you committed to one of those families! That would be very cool.

I think we all have room in our days to pray for one of these families and their child(ren). This adoption community is quite large, and there are SO many families that need prayer and support! I would love to see some of you commit to one of them in prayer and help bring their babies home!

I realize that you are already committed to my family and helping us bring our little one home, and the support we have seen has been phenomenal. We are so blessed and so thankful for your love, support, prayers, and financial sacrifice. Because you have all been so wonderful to my family, I know you have it in your hearts to be just as wonderful to at least one more adoptive family in need! I truly believe God put our family on this particular journey for a bigger reason than just adding to our brood, and it would be amazing to help bring some other little ones home to their forever families as well!

If you'd like to give prayer or a financial gift to one of these children, visit this blog and leave a comment there saying you did so. Personally I would LOVE if you left a comment here as well!!!

If you have a blog or facebook, would you please share the link with your friends and family? Maybe you aren't able to give, but someone you know can! The more we spread the word the better. These are real families trying to bring home real children in really desperate situations.

Okay friends, thank you for reading and joining me in following some of these families! Let's help bring some kids home.

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  1. Love it!! It's awesome to see ALL the great things God is doing through putting it on your heart to adopt a child! So cool!