Friday, November 16, 2012

Half Baked!

20 weeks!!! Baby is officially "half baked". We've made it to the halfway point, as of today, and this little peanut had his or her own little celebration in there today by furiously kicking and dancing around on my bladder! (You go right ahead though killer, you deserve it!)

Yesterday was our Big Anatomy Scan. I tried so hard to stay busy during the day, but I was still a nervous wreck all day and it felt like the hours went by in super slow motion. We finally made it to 3:30 though, and Josh and I headed over to the office.

As I mentioned before, our ultrasound was scheduled in the same office as our scan with Lily was, so it was definitely hard even driving into the parking lot. I remember the exact spot we parked in at that appointment, and as we drove past it and purposely didn't park there, I'm sure we both vividly remembered that walk back to our car after learning of Lily's passing.

Going into the office was no easier, and waiting in the waiting room for almost an hour certainly wasn't easy, but I think walking into that room and seeing that same fish tank that lit up the wall in our scan with Lily was really what made me start to shake. I could barely function enough to get situated on the exam table, but I did, and as Josh held my hand and we looked at that screen, we both let out a huge sigh of relief once we instantly saw the baby squirming on the screen above us.

It got better and better as the tech checked each little body part, starting with the heart (all was well!), then the brain (this was another fear I had after our experience with Ember, but it was perfect!), then all the organs and limbs (all there and accounted for!). Then she got to the "goods" as we will delicately call it, and Josh and I obediently closed our eyes for what seemed like a VERY long time (I just wanted to keep watching our baby move around up there!). We are still Team Green and will not be finding out the sex until the delivery, which I got even more excited about after a friend delivered her baby girl yesterday and it was a complete surprise!

For those who are interested, Josh is 100% convinced it is a girl, and the kids and I are 100% convinced it is a boy. Since all four of us have a track record of being completely wrong, I don't really know what to think. I didn't even know I was carrying twins until I was five months pregnant, so I'm obviously not too "in tune" with my body, but take our guesses for what they're worth!

Here is a great profile picture of our little surprise, and though we don't agree on if it is a boy face or a girl face, we all agree it is a beautiful face...

And here is a picture of baby's foot...for those of you who aren't "ultrasound savvy", I promise, it is indeed a foot. When I got the picture from the tech, I stopped in my tracks when I realized I have an identical picture of Lily's little foot from her last ultrasound.

Here are two little feet (I promise, that's what you're looking at)!

And finally, this is the baby's arm, flexing his or her big muscle. ;)

Of all people, I know how easy it is to say "God is good" when your situation is good, when things are good, when you've just received wonderful news, so my saying how wonderful God is to give us the blessing of a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy so far may sound trite or shallow or disingenuous, but for those of you who have followed our very long and very painful journey to get here, I think you will understand how very heartfelt it is when I say this...

God. Is. Good.

I prayed in the waiting room before going into that scan that God would stick close to us, no matter what kind of news we got, no matter how we'd feel walking back out of that office. I remembered how my life changed forever the last time I walked out of it, how my relationship with the Lord deepened and my view of the world and my children and life in general was permanently altered that day. I prayed that He would please, please, please allow us to leave this office with good memories, but that if we once again were asked to do something hard, that He would stay close by, that I would be able to still believe that, "God is good" even if I didn't feel it at the time.

When I first learned of this pregnancy, I was devastated. I was not devastated at the thought of a beautiful, healthy baby, of course not. I was devastated at thought, the belief, that I would be forced to endure another incredibly painful loss, another heartbreak, another blow to my faith and my family. I was broken. For months I felt that way. I felt a complete detachment to this baby, not because I wanted to, but because I needed to in order to cope. I don't feel guilty about that, and I don't believe I should. I knew that if I did lose this pregnancy, that the pain would be just as real and just as present and just as sharp as it was with the others, no matter how I had guarded myself. I also knew that if God allowed this baby to grow and thrive and get to a point where I could see them growing and moving and feel them kick and wiggle and respond to Eisley's new Taylor Swift CD with jabs and tiny little dance moves, I knew I would fall in love. I knew that I wouldn't be able to help it.

I couldn't.

I'm in love with that chin, with that nose. I'm in love with those arms and legs and tiny feet that look exactly like Lily's did on her ultrasound. I fall deeper in love every time I feel a tickle or a wiggle or a not so comfortable jab to my nether region. I can't help it.

For Josh, those feelings are coming, but he doesn't get to feel what I'm feeling yet (emotionally that is, I'm not talking about a jab to his nether region, though I'm tempted at times to demonstrate it for him). I know he'll get there too, the first time he gets to feel a kick from the outside or sees my belly jolt from a baby dance move. I know for sure he'll fall head over heels when he gets to hold her ('s totally a him, but whatever) for the first time, when he gets to see the doctor hold her (him) up and tell me I was totally right, it is a boy! ;) But for now, he's still a bit guarded, but so incredibly thankful for the good news we got yesterday.

The fact that we are slowly but surely attaching to this pregnancy, to this child, to this reality, does not by any means erase our sharp awareness that things can still go wrong. No one knows that better than we do. But, this was a big milestone for us, and I could tell that even the kids relaxed a lot when they got the news that the baby looks healthy. On that note, I would like to share with you the most precious letter that Eisley wrote me while she was at school yesterday, knowing we were having our Big Ultrasound.

How sweet is that girl?? I'm so proud of both Jake and Eisley for how strong they have been during this process, but I'm mostly thankful for the encouragement they have been to me and Josh. I don't know what we would do without them.

So...all in all...a great day! I'm trying to enjoy each moment as it comes, but truthfully now I'm even more anxious to hold this baby in my arms and shower it with a million thankful tears!

Thank you so much for your prayers, especially yesterday. We felt them and are so thankful for the awesome friends and family we have!


  1. Good news. Hoping for the best!

  2. Karen, given the journey you have been on, you can most certainly say that God is good regardless of your circumstances. Who knows this better than those who have been lead through the darkest of valleys. I am dancing for joy with you and praying for continued health for this baby. - Roxanne

  3. Great news!!!!!!!!! And what a sweet note from your daughter :)

  4. What fantastic news and the sweetest letter! Congrats to you all!