Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and an update!

So I was going through some old blog entries to see what life was like a year ago and what my reactions were to the new, upcoming year. It is so funny because even in the first paragraph, it still holds true for this year! I wrote "Happy New Year! I am really excited to see what 2012 holds for our family. Josh and I were talking about how every year we think to ourselves, "Well, that was a REALLY hard year. Hopefully this next one will be easier." And every year we look back and say...NOPE! ;)"

Well...that still applies haha! God blessed us with many trials (Ember Rose, an unplanned pregnancy, big changes in our adoption plans), and many blessings (Ember Rose, an unplanned pregnancy, and provision for our adoption though the plans have changed a bit!). I would not say this has been the hardest or even in the top three hardest years I've ever faced, and that is either because it was just easier overall or we are just getting much better at handling what gets thrown at us. ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly did! Jake and Eisley got spoiled rotten as always, and we had a great time with our new expanded families (two new additions this year with my brother and my sister both getting married!). We once again talked about how next Christmas we'd have a new little one to share the holiday with, and Jake reminded me that we have been telling him that for the past three years so  he will believe it when he sees it. Poor buddy!

Speaking of the little one, things are going very well! The pregnancy is progressing perfectly and I am happy as a clam at this point. I'm in the very comfortable "honeymoon" stage of things, where I'm not having the nausea anymore and I'm not quite big enough to be uncomfortable but I still get to enjoy the perks of being pregnant (people are so nice to pregnant ladies!). ;) Baby is growing slowly but surely, somewhere over two pounds now and about 14 inches long. Mommy is growing too! This picture does not show my face as I have had a nasty cold for a few days and ain't nobody want to see what I look like right now. ;) But this is me and baby at just over 26 weeks.

We're getting there! I am enjoying so very much feeling the baby move and kick. I feel like things are going too fast and I'm trying to soak in every minute! I was telling a friend the other day (who also has had some losses) that I wish no mama ever had to experience pregnancy loss, but that every mama could appreciate a pregnancy the way you do after loss. I have seen friends (and I used to be one of them!) who just absolutely hated being pregnant and couldn't be done with it sooner. Of course I have my moments when I can't wait to see and hold this little guy or girl, but I appreciate so much how precious this time is and how it can be all taken away in the blink of an eye. I want that baby in there and to keep cooking for quite awhile still! Eisley of course completely disagrees with me and wish time would fly by much quicker. She can't wait to get her hands on this baby!

Anyways, this was just a quick little entry to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and to give you a quick update on the little one (who still remains nameless due to my incredibly picky husband and children who poo poo on every name suggestion I've ever given). Thank you for your continued prayers and love! I'll see you in 2013!!!

All five of us...Christmas Eve 2012


  1. It's a boy & you should name him Harrison.
    Harrison Harrison has a marvelous ring to it!

  2. You look wonderful Karen! And I'm so happy that you've made it to a point where you can enjoy your pregnancy!!!!!!!!! :o)