Wednesday, February 6, 2013

32 Week Update :)

I just wanted to give those of you who are following our little surprise blessing an update on his/her status! ;) I got to have a growth scan today (as I do every four weeks) and was SO looking forward to it, as I haven't had an ultrasound in a month! I am ultrasound spoiled being high risk and getting to have so many, my fridge is PACKED with pictures of this baby spanning from a spec to a gummy bear to a full on baby looking human!

Anyways, at my appointment this morning my doctor let me know I'm measuring a couple weeks ahead (or rather, baby is, as I have only gained a few pounds thankyouverymuch). She said I might go a bit earlier than anticipated, or we just might have a chunky monkey growing in there!

I went from there straight to my ultrasound and it was so wonderful and comforting to peek in at this little one wiggling around. He or she is quickly running out of space! We got some great shots of baby today and even got a couple in 3D! Some people are very weirded out by the 3D ultrasound pics, but I think they're so cool! Baby looks just like Jakey!!!

They also measured baby at 4 lbs 11 oz already (holy cow! Chunky baby!!!) and based off of that and my measurements, we're keeping our fingers crossed that maybe this baby will make an early appearance when Josh has two weeks off for Spring Break in March haha! A girl can dream can't she?!?

Physically, I am feeling really good! I'm tired of course after a long work day, and definitely feeling more whale like, especially when trying to roll over in bed, but overall I feel fantastic and I'm enjoying things as much as possible. I know the hardest is still ahead, but I also know I will never get as big or miserable as I was with the twins, so that's comforting!

Emotionally, I have had a really great couple of weeks. God has been so good to ease my fears and allow me to enjoy the pregnancy so much more. I have not struggled as much lately and have a real peace about things, and at times I actually let myself believe we really will have a baby in our arms in a couple months. I am hopeful and trying to be optimistic, but of course those doubts and fears can creep in when I least expect them.

My doctor has been wonderful at keeping a really, really close eye on me and baby to help ease the anxiety. She was with me through my pregnancy with Lily and my last miscarriage, and knows how hard this pregnancy has been on me emotionally. Next week I start weekly ultrasounds and twice weekly non-stress tests to make sure baby is doing well in there. At the first sign of trouble, she will yank that baby right out (her words). ;) That makes me feel a lot better, and hopefully will make these last few weeks a little easier on my heart!

I will leave you with a recent photo of my pregnant self in all its glory, as well as a few of our creepy 3D ultrasound pics (which I still find super cool). Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!!!

Here's a picture from last week...

And here is a picture from today! We be poppin'! ;) 32 weeks! Never in a million years thought I'd make it this far!

Here is a 3D picture of Baby Harrison's cute little face! Remind anyone else of Jakey???

Here is another 3D picture, a side view of baby's profile with his or her hands in front of the face! Look at that cute little chubby chin!! ;)

Last but not least, I had to include this acrobatic shot of the baby touching his or her foot to its nose! That's a big foot! Must get that from daddy. ;)


  1. So excited for you Karen! And so happy to see God is answering your prayers and filling you with his peace! Amen!!!!

  2. God is so faithful to those who trust HIM. Blessings on the remainder of your time--praying for you. Marilyn

  3. You look amazing. So happy for you.

  4. You are so beautiful, I'm so excited for you and your family!!! Love you more than you know sweet girl. God just never stops doing amazing things! Hugs, and Prayers

  5. I see the Adams profile!!!! I'm so glad you're enjoying this time! Can't wait to meet this special little one that has such an incredible story!

  6. We are soooo excited! What a beautiful baby! We are continuing to pray for you all!!!