Thursday, September 29, 2011

The First Steps...

Welcome! If you are reading this, for one reason or another I believe the Lord wanted you to be here. Maybe you are a family member or friend of ours who wants to stay updated and has committed to walking this journey with us and praying for us along the way. Maybe you are a friend of a friend and are only curious, or maybe you found this blog by "chance" and are on a similar journey of your own. Whatever brought you here, we invite you to walk with us and see what God does! We have absolutely no clue where we're going or how we're getting there, so it should be an interesting walk if nothing else! But what's awesome about our God is He might not reveal everything to us when He asks us to "Walk" but He never, ever leaves our side!

He has asked Josh and I to walk, to walk in faith, and to be vessels that reveal His glory in the process. We will not do this perfectly and I can almost guarantee that we will stumble along the way, but we are praying that by obeying Him and just taking it step by step, that awesome things will come of it! we go. We only ask that God lights the next step, one at a time.

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