Friday, September 30, 2011


Can I just say...oh my gosh!!! The overwhelming amount of support and offers of encouragement and prayers and resources has been so awesome already!

Josh and I have THE BEST friends and family! I love you all so much and am so thankful for each of you that are a part of our lives.

This will be a short entry, but I just had to share that every time I check my phone I have a new message from someone giving me a resource to look into or an offer of prayer or just an encouraging word, and it is wonderful. Thank you guys so much, and I hope you all stick around. :)

I will end this entry with something Jake and Eisley said when we had our Family Meeting about adoption...

Eisley: "I would like to adopt a baby. Our family has so much love in it, that any baby would be SO lucky to live in our family and have all the love that we have. Also I would like a BABY baby, one who still needs a bottle. Because I have always wanted to feed my baby brother or sister with a bottle."

Jake: "Wewll, all I know is, I would like to adopt a baby. I have always wanted to watch a human develop fwom the vewy beginning stages."


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  1.! Little Mister just nailed it! (Can't tell his daddy teaches Science, at all...) And Sister, well she's spot-on about all that love, too.
    I read your 10/1 post before this one, so I'll be slightly redundant; but PRAY and listen. In the meantime cherish your husband, love on your kids, & Pinterest until you find that perfect nursery for your "human in the vewy beginning stages"!