Monday, December 5, 2011

A Milestone

I realized on Sunday that we have hit a very big milestone in this adoption process. With the last fundraiser, we officially have enough money to get into the Match Book! This is not a milestone I was even hoping to hit this early, so this is very cool! Our next fee that is due is the Adoption Class Fee ($400), which is due in a couple of weeks. The next one after that is our Match Fee ($1500), which is what we have to pay to get our family profile placed in the Match Book that expectant mothers look through when choosing adoptive families. We really don't know when we will be ready to do that, but it will be sometime after our homestudy and classes are completed, hopefully in March or April.

The remaining $9,600ish is one lump sum which will be due when our baby is placed with us officially. That is a pretty scary number, but we have been taking this step by step and one fee at a time, and it is so awesome how God has provided exactly what we need when we need it! And here we are, only a couple of months after starting this process, already attacking that final Adoption Fee!!!

I want to make sure I say this at least once...while these fees may seem outrageous to some, the adoption process is an expensive one. No one at our agency is getting rich off of these fees. They are really very reasonable and warranted, going to a number of different things such as legal fees, court fees, processing fees, counseling for the birth family, homestudy fees, case worker salary (someone has to do all the behind the scenes work, and most social workers, especially the ones at our agency, are wonderful, hardworking, and do not get paid nearly enough), and a number of other things. Our specific adoption agency is kind enough to charge us on a sliding scale, so Josh and I do not pay as much in fees as a couple making more than us would. And to put things in perspective, I know another family personally who is facing a cost of over $45,000 to adopt their son from Russia. They trusted God to provide for it, and they are nearly at their goal after only six months. Our goal seems very doable when I look at what they've had to face!

I just wanted to share the good news with you all and thank you again for supporting us financially and otherwise. It is a humbling experience asking everyone you know for help in bringing a baby home. It is not something I ever thought we'd have to do, but we are so grateful for everyone's support. We absolutely could not even think about adoption if it weren't for you, and we hope you understand how grateful we are for your willingness to help us reach our goal.

Thank you for helping us reach this milestone!!!


  1. Karen,
    Thank you so much for leaving me a comment on my blog! I thought about you the rest of the day, and realized I didn't have a way to contact you and I was bummed! Then I saw your comment!! You are so incredibly sweet, and your words mean so much! We don't often get to hear back from someone who has received a box, so I can't thank you enough for reaching out to me! It helps me see our vision in a full circle when I do hear from a mom.
    I just read a bunch of your posts, and I am so sorry you have had to travel such a difficult road. However, I am so incredibly inspired by your amount of faith! I will definitely continue to read your blog, and hope someday we can meet for coffee or something? I would love to get to know you more, and maybe support each other. We are choosing to move forward with adoption at this point and are beginning our Home Study in the next couple weeks with Christian Family Care.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Shayla you just made me burst into tears! It has always amazed me how God makes connections between his children here! :) I have been following your blog for months, always encouraged by what you are letting the Lord do in your life and loss. I am thrilled you are choosing adoption through CFCA. We were led in that direction by others who have adopted with them and so far God has finally blessed us with something in our lives going smoothly! ;) We love them so far and our hearts are anxiously awaiting our little one. We only have our first home study appt. on Tuesday, so you aren't far behind us! I would love to continue supporting each other through this next step in our journey!

    I can't wait to see what God has in store for you hon. I know it will be something amazing.