Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Genghis Grill/Raffle Recap!!!

Sigh. I am exhausted! The good kind of exhausted though, like after a big holiday! Tonight was such a HUGE success, and we truly can't thank everyone enough for their support. As we pulled the winning Raffle tickets I wished so much that we could have let everyone win something! I wish there was a way to sufficiently thank everyone for all they have given and sacrificed and done for our family in support of this adoption. It is completely humbling.

We won't know the total raised from the Genghis Grill Fundraiser until tomorrow, but I will update you as soon as I know! The manager and quite of few of the wait staff mentioned to us that it was the best fundraiser turnout they have ever had! WOW!!! Whole schools do fundraisers there and we were able to get more support from just our circle of loved ones! Thank you guys!!!

Our particular waitress was so wonderful and even told us with teary eyes that adoption has a special place in her heart so she was excited to see this fundraiser and wished us the best. We had a great time seeing everyone and of course I always love chatting and laughing with so many people! I really hope if you came out that you enjoyed your meal and the company! Here are some pictures from this evening!!!

Bradley is clearly enjoying filling his bowl! ;)

Josh's parents (middle) with family friends and relatives!

Our little family had a great time!!!

My parents! :)

Daddy and Sissy LOVE this place!

Me with two of my favorite ladies on the planet!

My sister with a friend filling their bowls!
All in all it was a great evening with a tremendous turnout! We also drew the winners of our Raffle this evening, and will list them here! Congratulations to ALL the winners, I truly wish I could have let everyone win something to show our appreciation! I hope you all enjoy your baskets and think of how much you have blessed our family when you use them!

Altogether we sold a total of 436 tickets!!! Bringing the Raffle sales to $2,180!!! WOW!!!!!! I have been slowly adding to our thermometer as people have been paying for their tickets and I get a chance to make it to the bank, so stay tuned because it will continue to climb as a result of this Raffle over the next week or so!

My sister was so kind as to let us draw a SECOND winner for the Cabin getaway, so we got to have two winners for that (though only one could win the basket!) Congratulations to...

David and Ivonne (Date Night winners!)
Juice Jeffery (Honey-Do winner!)
Scott and Lisa Warren (Birthday Basket winners!)
Nicole Zins (Spa Day winner!)
Brian Adams (Fitness Basket winner!)
Tamara Linhart (Cake Pops winner!)
Dustin Rayhorn (Kitchen Basket winner!)
Derek and Brenda (Cabin Getaway and basket winners!)
Crystal Dean (Second Cabin Getaway winner!)
Rhonda Bagley (Photo Shoot winner!)
Rachel Frizzell (Garden Basket winner!)
Sharee Sheets (Zoo Basket winner!)
Ashley Tucker (Puppy Basket winner!)

We know you'll enjoy your prizes and are so thankful you participated!

Derek and Brenda with their Cabin Basket!!!

I will let you know the total of our Genghis Grill fundraiser as soon as I know! Please know how much your support and encouragement means to our entire family. We are so blessed by you guys and can't wait to see where God takes us! When we finally do bring our little one home, know that each of you played a role in their homecoming!

With Love,

The Harrisons

Update: We found out from the Genghis Grill that our Fundraiser brought in a total of 150 people who spent $1691!!! We get 20% of that, so I will be depositing a check of $338 into our Adoption Fund! Yay! :)

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  1. Was praying you would "Bring the house down!" Looks like you did....Hugs, Baglady