Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Call for Puzzle Pieces!!!

Well, I was hoping this post would come a lot sooner! But I think we have a good excuse! Our family has had a VERY eventful week!!! To add to all the excitement, my sister got ENGAGED a few days ago, my brother is getting MARRIED on Friday, and, oh yeah, we are still reeling from the news that we got matched with a birth mother! :) With all of the hulabaloo, finishing up this fundraiser got put on the back burner. But finish it we must, because obviously there is now a deadline for us to raise our funds! 

Tonight we began writing names on all the pieces that have been sponsored (159 in total!!!). I wasn't sure how to go about it, so a little trial and error was to be expected! At first we would take groups of pieces out, write the names, and then put them back in. After awhile though, I realized there was a much easier way, and it would make the back look a whole lot neater! Oh well, live and learn! Jake and Eisley were big helpers! Jake took pictures and helped read the names off, and Eisley helped write the names and put the puzzle back together!

After we had the realization that it would be so much easier to mod podge the puzzle and then just flip it over to write names, it went much easier. :)

Had to write Melody's family on first since they were the first to buy pieces!!! ;)

After figuring out I should flip it...;)

Making progress! Still lots of room for names!

So, just a recap: We have "sold" 159 pieces so far!!! Yay!!! We are so incredibly blessed that people have been so willing to participate in yet another fundraiser for this adoption, and we THANK YOU!!! We still have $1545 to raise, which breaks down to 309 puzzle pieces! That's still a lot of puzzle pieces!!! Will you help us reach our goal before the baby arrives? If you so desire, would you consider sharing our blog and specifically this fundraiser on your facebook, through word of mouth, or even your blog? If you have been meaning to sponsor any puzzle pieces, now is the time! We only have a few short weeks before our total is due to the adoption agency, which is a challenge we are praising God for!

Thank you so much for your support and love! If you would like to sponsor any pieces, please let me know as soon as possible through email, Facebook, text, or in person! We cannot express our gratitude in words, truly. We love you! Keep the little one we are hoping to adopt in your prayers, we would appreciate that most of all!

Josh, Karen, Jake, and Eisley

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