Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Funday!!! DIY Headband Holder

Okay, the following post has absolutely nothing to do with adoption or any aspect of it. But I have decided that as our family grows, so should the blog! I think it would be just keen to do some fun, mostly pointless, some Pinterest worthy, completely random posts once in awhile, so I am going to start...drumroll please...Sunday Funday blog posts! Yay! (How excited are you?!?)

In preparation for the new baby (maybe adoptive mommies do nest after all!), and in an attempt to declutter some of the areas of our house, I have been searching the web (mostly Pinterest) for organizational tips and ideas. I decided to start small, and tackle something that can be finished in less than one episode of Victorious (because that's how time is measured in my house right now).

One of the worst Clutter Villains in my house is all of Eisley's hair do dads. Holy hair accessories, Batman. If you have a little girl, maybe you understand, but my little girl in particular happens to be blessed with not only a mother who loves to spoil her, but also two grandmothers who are not only head over heels in love with Eisley, they are also very crafty and just LOVE to buy and make her new hair "pretties" as she used to call them when she was a little pumpkin.

The result is a Hairtastrophe. We have attempted organizing before, but after a few months of pulling head bands out of a freezer bag, the bathroom ends up looking like Claire's exploded all over it. Eisley's Nana Robin  helped us immensely with our barrette issue by making her a very cute barrette holder, pictured here...

Though I need about six more of those to control her barrettes, if we're being honest! Out biggest problem, though, seems to be head bands. I have never seen a nice way to organize and display them for an easy morning "What do you want in your hair today Eisley" answer. UNTIL TODAY!!!!

By simply searching Pinterest, I found a project for me and Eisley to do together that would leave us with all of her (and my) headbands organized and looking oh so cute. And, Eureka! I had everything I needed in my house already! I didn't even need to take a trip across the way to Hobby Lobby, where I would have inevitably spent more money on the very hair accessories that got us into this mess in the first place. But I digress.

There are about a million different ways to make a headband holder, this is just one of the easiest! You can spruce it up with lots of do dads and what nots if you so desire, but I just wanted something fast and easy and something that matched my bathroom. And this fit the bill! ;)

Okay! So here is my (and Sissy's) very first blog tutorial (I am a little too excited about this)!

To begin, you will need:

-A girl with accessory overload
-One roll of paper towels
-A glue gun
-About a yard (I am estimating here) of cute fabric that goes with your bathroom
-A helper (this part isn't neccessary, but makes it so much more fun!)

And this part is optional because we didn't end up needing it:
-A ruler
-acrylic or spray paint
-paint brush

The girl with accessory overload, and my helper!

So, I had Eisley paint the ruler (this will be used to keep your headband holder from rolling off the counter, though we didn't end up needing it, don't tell Eisley). We used black acrylic paint.

Take your glue gun, your paper towel roll, and your fabric (full disclosure, I used an old nursing cover. It matched and it's all I had, and I won't be nursing the new you go!) and begin gluing the fabric to the roll. You want to pull it nice and tawt (is that a word? I feel like it is...) as you glue so it looks nice.

As you roll, you want to tuck the ends of the fabric into the holes on the end of the roll. Dab some glue there as well to keep it nice and tight.

I ended up with too much fabric and needed to do a quick trim!

To finish, just tuck in the ends and glue it down! Tada!!!

A Headband Holder! The site I found this on says you should then glue your ruler to the bottom to keep it from rolling. Ours didn't roll though, so I found it an extra and unnecessary step. But to each his own!

And here is Eisley with her new headband holder! Don't they look happy together?

We have literally no counter space whatsoever in her bathroom, so our Headband Holder resides above the toilet. Maybe I will add that ruler...

Kind of cute there actually!

And that concludes our first Sunday Funday post! If you would like to see the original site that I found this tutorial on (with much less words and no adorable little girl), you may click here. If you want about a zillion different ways to make one of these, go join Pinterest. See you there!

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