Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well still no baby news...but that's okay! We are trusting in God's perfect timing and just enjoying each day as it happens!

I was so, so beyond blessed by my incredibly dear friend Heather and my wonderful sister Lisa yesterday because they threw me and Eisley a baby shower!!! When we started on this path, I remember some friends asking me if they could throw a shower as it got closer. I was actually really hesitant in my heart. First of all, that anyone would want to do another shower for us after we have already been blessed with two sweet babies and so many gifts the first time, and second, that it would definitely be different having a shower for a baby no one knew! Plus people have already been giving and giving to us in order for this adoption to even be possible, how would they feel being asked to a baby shower on top of it? But as our adoption progressed and then we got the call, I not only had one friend offer to throw us a shower, but a few! We are blessed by so many incredible people, that I wonder sometimes how we got so lucky. We have such a wonderful support system in our family, friends, and church family that we never, ever have felt anything short of immense love. That has never been more evident than after our loss of Lily, and then when we chose to start the adoption process. There are so many people in our lives that give so freely to us, and we can never express how much it means to our family.

We not only have an amazing church family who offered to throw us a little baby welcoming after our baby comes home, but also my dear and possibly oldest friend in the world who offered to throw us a shower for family before baby arrives so we can be somewhat prepared! We went back and forth as to if it would be okay to do it before the baby comes, knowing there is always the possibility of the adoption falling through. But we decided to have a little faith and optimism and know that even if this adoption doesn't work out, another will.

Eisley was over the moon excited for this shower. She had it marked on her Taylor Swift calendar for over a month and counted down the days every night before bed. That girl will not rest until she is a big sister, and this was possibly the most exciting party she has ever looked forward to, including all of her birthdays!

We were, to put it mildy, completely blown away by how fun and beautiful everything was! There were so many fun details and our family just had a great time celebrating our adoption and enjoying time together! We're so thankful to Heather for all the work she put into it, to my sister for all she did, and to our family and loved ones that brought food and helped set up and clean up. We are so thankful for the many gifts we received for this baby and are once again left in awe of the generosity of others, and so inspired to show that same kind of love to people in our lives.

Here are a few pics. :)

Me with Heather, the hostess with the mostest!!! ;)

That is an owl diaper cake made by my mama!

Yeah, I was totally overwhelmed with love!!!

Who made these adorable cupcakes? Josh's mom, of course!!!

Eisley Joy had such a wonderful time! She is working on the alphabet book here. "E" for "Eisley"!

Our alphabet book in progress!

Yeah my drawing wasn't even close to this good...

Eisley's entry :)

Does anyone want to guess who had the "V"? Hint: My sister is a nerdy doctor...

Onesie decorating! 

Haha! There were some VERY creative ones!!!

Eisley made an "I love Sissy" onesie. Notice her new shirt!?

I had a great time!

There is no sufficient way to thank those that have consistently loved on us and supported us throughout this process. You will hear me say it a million times but it still won't be enough...we are so grateful. 

Eisley and Jake helped me unpack our gifts and put everything away. We picked out the going home outfit (hint: someone made it at the shower!!), packed the diaper bag for when we get the call, and are now ready and waiting for this little one to come home. My prediction is July 19th as a birthday, but that's just me. ;) 

I am so excited. I am enjoying every second of this. But if I'm being totally honest, every bit of every day is tainted with a small sadness. I am sad for this baby's mother. She is not enjoying a baby shower, she is not installing a car seat and packing a diaper bag. I am counting down the days until the arrival, and she is counting down the days until she lets this baby go. I am sad for her mommy heart. 

I am also holding on to each bit of time I have left with Jake and Eisley the way our family is now. I am fully confident this baby will bring us so much joy and change our family for the better, but this morning as I had both kids in bed with us, sleeping and snuggling before my alarm went off for work (when the sun comes up my bed gradually becomes smaller with each child that crawls in), I realized that it won't just be them anymore. We will have a new little one, and I am overjoyed for that! But it will change the dynamic of our family. We will have some adjusting to do. We have gone seven years with things just the way they are! Thankfully our giant bed is plenty big enough for two more tiny feet kicking me in the ribs! ;)

As each day approaches, we feel more and more anxiety. Will the baby be okay? Will he or she be healthy? What will the hospital experience be like? Will our plans fall through? What decision will the mother of this baby ultimately make? Will our family indeed grow in just three short weeks, or will we be waiting, once again, indefinitely? 

But I can't know the answers to those questions right now. All I can do is prepare for the best, worry about the worst, and pray constantly that God's will be done and that I will accept it, whatever it is, gracefully. 

We have never needed your prayers more than we do right now! Please be in prayer for this little one. Please pray that God will bless it with perfect health. Pray that his or her mother will make the decision that is best for that baby, whether it be a home with us or with her. Pray that God will prepare our hearts for whatever happens, that He will equip us for what lies ahead, and He will grow our faith! 

Thank you so much for continuing to follow our family's story and for supporting us the whole way. 

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  1. Praying for you Karen! This is an exciting and nerve-racking time!