Sunday, October 9, 2011

Penny Drive!!! you can see by our new thermometer to the right of this blog, we have an official goal set, and a very long way to go!!! We hope you will bear with us as we think of anything and everything we can to reach our goal. We will be keeping you all updated on the specific amounts raised and where exactly each penny goes during the long adoption process. We have set up a separate savings account for the adoption which goes untouched until we start incurring costs through the agency.  We have set the goal of $20,000 (kind of makes your heart stop for a second doesn't it?) because that is the estimate the adoption agency gave us based on the information we have so far. We will be able to get a more specific goal further along into the process, but that's where we are setting the bar right now!

We have lots of ideas for creative fundraisers, and Josh and I are also working hard to add to the fund ourselves. Josh's coaching paychecks will be going straight into our adoption fund this year, as well as my extra days at work and other odd jobs I pick up (I already have a cleaning job lined up this week at a yoga studio, thanks Nicole!). We are overwhelmed at the amount needed to bring a little one home to love, but we are completely giving it over to God and trusting that He will provide.

We are so thankful for your prayers during this time and we hope you will watch our progress and rejoice with us as we get closer and closer to our goal!!!

Now to the fun part...we are so excited to announce our very first Adoption Fundraiser!!! 

Penny Drive!!!

Beginning this week we will be passing out baby bottles tagged with our blog address and a verse. We are asking that people fill the bottles with loose change from their car, pockets, under the couch cusions, and children's piggy banks (just kidding on that last one...;))!

We will be collecting the bottles on November 10th, my birthday and Lily's due date. We chose this date because it is going to be a very hard day for our family, and we want something fun to look forward to! It will be very exciting to get to add to our adoption fund on that day!

I will be carrying baby bottles on me pretty much at all times, so if you would like one please let me know when you see me, or email or message me and we can arrange to meet up somewhere! You can obviously just save your loose change in another container and we will collect it in any form on November 10th, but if you want a baby bottle let me know!!!

We will be awarding a special prize to whoever collects the greatest amount in change by November 10th!

Again, Josh, J*, E*, and I want to tell everyone how very much we appreciate your prayers and support. We know we are loved, and we appreciate everything our friends and family have done for us over the years. Nothing goes unnoticed or unappreciated!

The next time you see me, ask for an Adoption Fund Baby Bottle!

If you are supporting us in prayer, we are asking that God totally bless us in this fundraiser! We are asking that we get assigned a case worker through Christian Family Care this week, and that they will be very nice! ;)

We are asking specifically that the Lord works even now in the hearts of our child's birth family, wherever they are! That He will merge our paths somehow and that we will be chosen to raise whatever child God has for us!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our family!!!

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