Monday, October 10, 2011


We are so excited by the response we've gotten from people about our Penny Drive!!! I am going to be giving out LOTS of baby bottles this week! If you would like one, please let me know and we can arrange something!

Remember, you can take part in the Penny Drive without actually having a baby bottle, they are just fun reminders to sit on your counter, and we hope whenever you see it you'll say a prayer for us! We will accept your change donations in any form on November 10th! Remember, the person with the highest amount in change will receive a PRIZE!!! So we hope you'll join us in this month's fundraiser!

If you will notice the thermometer to the right you'll see we've already made progress!!! How amazing and wonderful to already watch the fund grow when we've only just begun! A HUGE heartfelt thanks to the two donors who got the ball rolling! I love each of you and you have blessed our family tremendously!

It turns out the donations to Paypal are not anonymous, I do get an email notification with your email if you donate. I hope that won't deter anyone, because I feel the need to THANK YOU!
I won't do it publicly, but I would love to contact you and say thanks from our family. :)

Again, thank you so much for participating in our Penny Drive! Our goal with this drive is to be able to pay the adoption classes registration fee, which will be $400. If we are blessed beyond that, the money will go towards starting our homestudy, which costs $1200 up front. We are confident that God will provide!

If you are praying, please pray once again that this Fundraiser will be blessed! Pray for us to get our meeting with the caseworker set up this week. Pray for our birth family, whoever they are, that God will be working in their hearts even now.

And one more special prayer request for a dear friend's sister and her family, who is working hard to bring home their son, Isaac, from Russia. Sweet Isaac has Down's Syndrome and will be institutionalized if he isn't adopted out soon. You can folllow their blog at and see their story!

Thanks everyone, we'll keep you posted! Save that spare change!!!

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